Quizlet: The perfect online classroom?

Quizlet at first glance may not seem like you’re ideal online classroom application, but with further use and investigation, you may find this app quite useful when used the right way. Quizlet is very user friendly and easy to navigate throughout the various functions that this app has to offer. Students can add different teachers which enables them to complete assignments online. While this may share similarities with Google Classroom, there are a few key features that will set the bar apart from other classroom sites. Teachers are able to create assignments for students to complete which 1024.kwrAinclude tests, study guides, and even flashcards. The way Quizlet encourages students to study is something that really stands out. Games, study guides and flashcards make the learning experience for students at Quizlet seem effortless.

The app in general is well spaced out and has an appealing design. The simple and effective layout of menus makes for an efficient way to learn. Quizlet even has a conveniently placed search bar and help tab in case you run into any questions while using this app. Overall, you will not find too many flaws with Quizlet considering it is regularly updated on a monthly basis. Whether you are a student or a teacher, when using Quizlet you will feel like this app was created for a fun learning experience that feels authentic every step of the way. Quizlet is really just a great example of what learning should be like and it really defines the perfect relationship between students and teachers online. Screenshot 2016-09-02 at 1.14.01 PM


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