Google Inbox: Upgrade or Downgrade?

From start to finish, using Google Inbox felt like it was focussing on one major thing: organization. The new inbox  gives you many different ways to store and manage mail. Between the snooze feature, the bundled options and the done category, Google Inbox adds in many new features but still feels very much like the same thing you were using before so switching to this platform won’t seem like much of a big change.

First things first, Google Inbox organizes mail recently by mail that comes from today, then yesterday, then monthly and then everything else rather than just whatever has came first in the standard inbox. To me this is a big improvement because it takes organizing mail to another level. Another key feature is that all emails have a different way of opening. Instead of opening on a new screen, they will open and appear with the rest of the mail. All of your drafts, sent mail, reminders, trash, spam, and contacts are still there like last time but are now categorized with the other new features on the left side of the tab bar. The new pin feature allows you to personally customize your inbox to something that fits your style better. Simply choose an email thatinbox has some sort of importance, highlight over to the pin option and select this to pin it to your home screen. Now when you select pins, all of the pinned emails will appear which is pretty convenient when you want to separate the important things from some of the other non important things that may clutter up your inbox. Another thing is the snooze feature. Snooze works in the same way except it lets you mark mail and set them to be placed back into your inbox later on. This is useful because it gives you an option to postpone mail to appear in the inbox until a certain time. The done section also works the same way except it stores all mail that you no longer need but don’t want to delete. This can be quite handy when you need to clean up your inbox.

Overall, Google Inbox is a nice resurface of the previous inbox but also adds a few new features which are pretty cool. If you like being organized and the old inbox seemed a little too simplistic then this is for you. I would also recommend it to anyone who is used to using outlook because of the way this inbox navigates and performs. It may take a little getting used to if you are really connected with the previous inbox but I would definitely take the time to make the upgrade if you are just an average user who uses the standard inbox.


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