This week in CTS #2

During this past week in the CTS I accomplished a lot to say the least. I completed the first treehouse course for Ruby (Ruby Basics) which was probably the main focus I had during the entire week. I learned a lot about how Ruby works and even some of the basic coding formats that we will be using in the future when it comes to building apps and other projects. This is an important part of what I have done on treehouse so far considering this class may become more heavily focused around coding later on (which I am definitely looking forward to).

dell_chromebook_11_lid_march_2014-100252464-orig.jpgThere was no blog post last week but with treehouse and a large group of kids who regularly have issues with charging their chromebooks, things stayed busy like usual. The thing that bugs me the most is that the kids who are continuously checking out loaners are a select few who forgot to charge their own. This seems to be the reason why most of our loaners are gone within the first few hours of the day. It kind of makes it unfair to the kids who actually need to charge theirs when something unexpected goes wrong. A few chromebook screen changes were also needed last week that I had the opportunity to fix. They weren’t too bad because they gave me a break from the repetitive and sometimes tedious courses on treehouse. Other than that it was a pretty good week overall and hopefully the result is the same for this week as well.



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