Newsela: A sophisticated learning resource

Newsela is a great application if you are looking for news articles across a wide range of different topics. Newsela takes many different articles and compiles them all onto their own website making it easy for not only teachers but students alike to find whatever particular research they need whether it’s for a research project, news report, article of the week, or if they just need some general information about the world. My favorite thing about Newsela is the focus it has on current events that are taking place in the real world. It makes it easy to get educated on what’s happening in real life over a mix of important topics.newsela

Another thing that’s pretty interesting about Newsela is how it offers news articles specifically dedicated to historical topics. Sports, law, and science, are just a few of the slew of things that can be researched on Newsela. There is even a section for articles that younger kids would be able to read. Not only does Newsela archive certain news articles categorized on what they’re about which is helpful when conducting research, but it also adapts to certain articles based on what fits you best based by what you view when you are logged in over time. This is extremely beneficial when someone might just want a basic article to read and gather some information about. I personally use this when analyzing weekly articles for my english class.

Another aspect of Newsela is the “text set” tab which can be accessed right next to the news category tab located at the top of the screen next to the search bar. This allows students or teachers to select articles based on certain classes they have or are currently teaching in school. They are grouped into subtopics which have many different articles within themselves. For example, if you choose science as a text set, you can then select what type of subtopic you want like engineering and technology. Within that are a set of articles specifically selected for that category. I couldn’t think of a more helpful tool to use when wanting to find information for a research project for a particular class.

In conclusion, Newsela is a great online nonfiction learning resource that provokes the human sense inside all of us to learn something new. I would highly recommend it to teachers who are looking for a way to give students an outlet to new information for research. I would also reccomend it for just about any student out there who needs a way to dive into information ranging from a seemingly endless source of news articles.



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