Shining light on 20% time

In case you didn’t know, starting this week the CTS will be starting our 20% time projects. We will have one day each week to focus on our individual projects and eventually later on during the year we will put them on display for other people to see. I have contemplated between our different options to work on as we can choose between six different ones to do. I have decided that the lamps course fits me the best and seemed to be the most intriguing. I think that this will be a challenge for me to get creative and focus on expanding my building skills. It will be interesting to see what I come up with over the next few weeks. Maybe I can rummage through the attic to see what kinds of objects I can turn into a lamp. Or maybe I will just start completely from scratch which will probably be a little more expensive. I have little experience with electricity and lighting so I’m expecting to be learning many newmaxresdefaultthings with the course itself. I do know that when working with electricity, safety is valued as most important so I’ll have to keep that in mind when working with the wires and everything. I’m glad to be doing this one because I’m sure this will boost my handiness to work on things tremendously in the future one day when I own my own house. Many things can go wrong in your average household so being able to fix some of these things will be a big help to my wallet. Now when it comes to materials, this project will require many of tools like wire cutters, screwdrivers, a power drill, tape, safety materials like gloves and glasses, along with whatever I’ll be using to create the lamp; light bulb, wires, switches etc. The good news is that my dad has multiple tool boxes loaded with what is more than I will ever need for this project which is a huge benefit. We also have plenty of spare bulbs lying around and enough junk for me to use something for the base of the lamp so I won’t have to buy anything unless I come across something unusual during the building process. One cool idea I came up with for my lamp is adding some sort of Edison style light bulb. I like them because they look very original and they are built with the standard filament that was used when Edison first invented the device. They are a little more on the pricy side ($10-$20 per bulb) but with little expense for other materials I’ll be able to make it work. In conclusion, I am looking forward to making progress on my lamp and the challenges that I will encounter during the process. I will see you again with an update on the progress!


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