A virtual day with Promevo!

This week the Cane Tech Squad had an opportunity to convene in a virtual field trip with the members of Promevo who are based in Burlington, Kentucky. The meeting was held in the library at the high school and most of our members were able to attend which was nice. The google hangout consisted of all of us, and on the other side, Brandon, Nate, and Ashton from the Promevo team. One of the soul purposes of this meeting was to talk with real experts in the technology world in order to gain an understanding about what a company like Promevo does on a daily basis, what type of careers are associated in the field, what they do, and how it works. I was surprised to learn a lot more than what I had intended to gain during this experience. For a little background information, Promevo is a G Suite and Chromebook reseller business that aims to make the lives of the consumers much easier by making the implementation of the google system in a company or school as seamless as possible. From standard chrome devices to digital signage, Promevo offers a wide variety of google services. Before the meeting, I knew little about what Promevo did for the users.

Screenshot 2017-05-13 at 10.10.37 AM

The main thing I took away from the meeting was that in the ever expanding technology era we are currently living in, the opportunities to pursue a career within it are pretty much limitless. From what they explained, to pursue a job in something like this, not everyone has to be an expert on coding or programming like most stereotypes seem to imply. At Promevo alone, there’s a huge aspect of customer service. This is especially necessary because not everyone is familiar with technology especially when companies want more of it inside their systems. As you well know, this is something even seen in the Cane Tech Squad! Another option would be the business portion. Computing what financial needs have to be taken care of is necessary to and typically is no simple task for a business like this. At Promevo, it is just one other thing that is heavily focused on not only to make things work easy with others, but economically as well. I never realized how many different areas of careers in technology there were until this meeting.

I plan to keep my mind open towards a future education and potentially a career in the technology world as their are so many different options to explore and dive into. To me, the Cane Tech Squad represents a smaller version of what Promevo does. I enjoy being involved in it so maybe later down the road I will be doing something much similar just on a larger scale. Finally, a huge thank you to the Promevo team and taking time out of their busy schedule to share some valuable information about the technology world and how their company interacts with it in a one on one experience.


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