Cheaters get the heater: App review – Draftback


With the aspect of collaboration being widely used in classrooms in today’s day and age, cheating is a growing problem with the technology that we have. Draftback is a new productivity application that is available to download for free in the chrome web store. The app features a new way of documenting revisions that has been made on almost any sort of google document. It’s a handy tool for teachers because it lets you see edits made to the document including any efforts of copying and pasting. Plus It’s simple, free, and easy to use.

Once the chrome extension is installed, you will see it appear in the top right hand corner of your screen. Unlike many other apps, you don’t even need to control it from that menu rather the app itself adds a new option in the doc as you see here.


Once you open this tab you will have the option to play the restored revisions at virtually any speed, delete the revisions Draftback has stored for the doc and re – render the revisions. Choose the revision option and you will be brought to the rendering Draftback screen in order to view the revisions of that particular document. Click view, sit back, and let the app do its magic. Not satisfied enough? Click the link that says “document graphs and statistics” to see a variety of charts and graphs that show timeline of activity, where exactly there were changes in the document, and which user made the most revisions and how long they were made. The negatives of Draftback are only where the app has potential to improve. Some formatting changes specifically numerical and bulleted lists as well as charts do not seem to render. If you want more information of Draftback, feel free to read the reviews and check out other blogs!




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