Making space with a makerspace

What is a makerspace? A makerspace is essentially any type of pro-creative lab that encourages not only newcomers to creating and assembling new ideas but also experienced workers who are familiar with a particular field. In fact, we have one right here in the library! The CoLab has tools for soldering, 3D printers and raspberry pi computers are just a few of the things that our makerspace has to offer. All of these things has helped the CTS class in creating some of our project. I remember last year when working on my lamp project I had to use some of the materials in the makerspace to help me with the design of the glass lamps. The idea of a makerspace is that anyone can use the equipment needed to go along with their idea without the need for them to go out and buy all of the equipment on their own in an environment where they can work with others and potentially expand on their creativity.

That is what makes a makerspace so nice. Now on a larger scale, a makerspace can have far more limitations than what we have here. The community here in Wilmington is currently underway on a 20,000 square foot makerspace that will host a number of possible projects. A lot more equipment could have potential here other than just 3D printers and computers. Laser cutters and engravers, CNC routers, sewing equipment, and vinyl cutters and printers are all machines that could be used in a place like this. In the near future our CTS team will be visiting a makerspace where all of the things I just previously listed will be at our disposal to create something new, an invention. It is a great opportunity to design something that normally couldn’t be done in our makerspace but also to gain the hands on experience with some of these machines.


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